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Studio Job at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London

Dutch design duo Studio Job presented their most recent collection of furniture, the Industry series, at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London, earlier this week. Dealing with cohabitation of the natural and the manmade, the rosewood and maple pieces display motifs of death, destruction, warfare and animal life.

Cut using laser technology, the machined precision of the inlaid work adds to the theme of modern manufacturing processes and all of the items have a satisfying weight to their components, the cabinet doors feeling heavy on their sturdy, industrial hidden brass hinges. But one has to ask, is the production of goods the appropriate method for critiquing mankind’s industrial impact on the planet?

Mix particularly liked the cloud details as each cartoon-like form was composed of individual cloud shapes, inlaid individually. London-based Mix readers can visit the exhibition until 8th May.


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