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Trends from America

TFA Denim

“The key is in the details. The big picture is important to get us on the right track, but if you really want to discern the important elements that make a true difference, you’ve got to get down to the details. It’s that way in almost anything you do, and it’s of utmost importance in colour and design. For Mix Trends Spring Summer 2015, details from the North American panel are the colour nuances that make the stories come alive for our market. For instance, the ‘Belong’ story found us adding a copper that speaks of what we will need in the coming years; the comforts of home, technology and strength. It is that small detail of a copper rivet on a pair of Levi’s jeans that gives added strength as well as the gleam of copper cookware that reminds us of the comfort of family and friends sharing time together. Aside from the practical and familiar, copper has economic value and is often embedded in our beloved electronics. Recognising the importance of the metal colour is the detail that will make things just right and underscores the research that goes into creating nuance palettes that are just right.”

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