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Autumn Winter 2014/15 Colour Trend… Frame


In our latest instalment of Mix magazine issue 33 we review how our colour and design trend stories for Autumn Winter 2014/15 are being interperated by the early adopters one year ahead of the season.

The adage ‘computer says no’ may be a catchphrase from a popular British sitcom and yet it also reveals how western culture is entirely reliant on documenting and monitoring every nuance of its citizens’ lives in order to maintain a regulated society. Or to put it bluntly, drop out at your peril, your hard-fought freedom comes at a price as officially you may no longer exist. Frame is an ambivalent reflection to the conformist demands that are placed upon us; linear and grid like patterns reflect the restrictions we live with.

Bright colours are indisputably synthetic, just like the technology on which we rely and geometric motifs simultaneously reflect both order and conformity in shades we commonly associate with municipal design. Given the context, the presence of eyes needs scant explanation: from the omnipresent CCTV on every street corner to the amount of online personal information we unwittingly part with on a daily basis. This may not quite be an Orwellian nightmare, but make no mistake “Big Brother is watching you”.

Mix magazine issue 33 also features a review of our Blush trend story and is available to purchase here.


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