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Making Scents of the Abstract


In current issue Mix magazine issue 33 we look at a new wave of artists, perfumers and scientists unlocking and exploring scent’s potential to transport us through time, place, moments and memories. Sunshine and Pancakes. The Sensation of Tattooing Her Name On Your Arm. A Violent Heartbreak. These are just a few of the abstract experiences aromatic alchemists are attempting to bottle for later olfactory recall. At one end of the scale are scents that have a certain familiarity; aromas that are collaged together to reference things we might have experienced in the real world. Think ‘Pine Air’ or ‘Tropical Paradise.’ At the other end of the scale, there is an attempt to assign a scented signature to the completely unfamiliar, things we can only imagine from the scent of ‘cold’ to the smell of the solar system…

To find out more about this feature read Becky Lyon’s informative report in issue 33 of Mix magazine available here.


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