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Winter holiday decorations for 2013 are ramping up to be an expression of handmade, handcrafted and mouth-watering objects, not surprising when you consider the success of Global Color Research’s Mix Trends stories Alpine and Ping. Of course, classics in Chanukah’s silver and blue and Christmas’ red and green will always be with us but twists on those time-honoured decorations are a refreshing change. The rugged outdoor appeal of Alpine has influenced a rustic look replete with burlap twigs, bark and berries. The looks are simple, familiar and friendly. With details such as buttons, plaid and pinecones, it feels very much like you’ve just taken a stroll through the forest to gather elements for the table. If your tastes run to Ping’s effervescence, then a fun and slightly giggly side of holiday celebrations awaits you. Confectionary looks are surging forward to tickle the fancy of the young and, of course, young at heart. Clean pastels make for festive additions to snowmen, gingerbread houses and even Santa himself (Mrs. Claus will be similarly festooned). Sprinkled liberally throughout the designs you will find sprinkles, gumballs, candy swirls and lollypops. Even the glitter for a tree is finding these candy hues a new direction for a festive season.

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