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Is there a new age upon us in metallic finishes? Apparently, satin nickel has run its course in the North American market having touched everything from doorknobs to plumbing fixtures to appliances. (When you find it in budget hotels’ new renovations, you know there is something else you should be looking at.) Though still looking fresh and vibrant, polished nickel and silver are both beginning to suffer from a bit of overexposure, much like many a Hollywood starlet. It hasn’t peaked yet, and when mixed with matt finishes can add a brilliant gleam to a space, but it sometimes feels like we’ve seen it before. The arbiter of all things metal to come may well be bronze.

Following in the footsteps of relatively safe oilrubbed bronze, the new bronze, approaching in 2015, hovers between silver and gold to stake a claim in the field of metallics. Bronze is essentially a mix of copper and tin so think of it as those two, except without those colours, and with an edge. Sometimes gold, occasionally green-ish, it has neither copper’s orange cast nor tin’s grey; it instead creates something difficult to describe. Modern enough to take on the most monastic of interiors, it can also be traditional enough to enhance a library of leather bound volumes. Get ready for a new age in metals, a bronze age. Chameleon like in its versatility this metallic finish should bring something different to the next season.

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