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Mix Trends issue 29 Available Now!

Mix Trends issue 29 with four new colour and material trends for Autumn Winter 2015/16 is now available to purchase here. If you are a lover of colour and trends then this issue will not disapoint as we reveal our stories Remote, Sonic, Fuse and Sense. Packed with trend drivers, seasonal overview, colour flows as well as 1st generation imagery to highlight the use with materials, fabrics and surfaces. Mix Trends is also one of the only trend publications have Pantone, NCS, RAL, RGB, CMYK and LAB colour referencing.


Remote is a visual response to our need for solitude, for nature, for the tranquility of wild spaces where the wind in the trees is the only sound for miles around. The idea of getting your wires crossed adopts a colourful interpretation as Sonic plays with the idea of synaesthesia, the neurological condition whereby the brain confuses sensory stimuli, thereby provoking a secondary reaction within the sufferer. As a reaction against minimalism, Fuse celebrates the mechanical by utilising the handyman’s tools and all the electronic paraphernalia from a workshop of a radio ham. Sense is a celebration of texture, from the fragile powder puff of an allium head to the tribal skirts of Africa, each modified.


To purchase your copy today and have it delivered straight to your door please click here.

For information about Mix Trends issue 29 and its use please feel free to contact us at or on +44 (0)207 481 1507.

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