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Colour in context, Decemebr 2013


Persimmon R224 g103 b101

 In Mix Trends issue 25, Autumn Winter 2013/14, Clash is an effervescent and eclectic palette of pinks and purples, shot through with dramatic darks and brilliant yellow and summer sky blue. Although this trend looks predominantly at mixing these shades up, it is the coral, called Persimmon, that’s really flown this winter. It turns up on accessories of course, including phone and iPad covers, but also moves into larger soft furnishing items like sofas and chairs where it is the logical successor to the powdery pinks of previous seasons and far better suited to winter months. MissPrint chose it for its Dandelion Mobile fabric, a bold shade that really packs a punch, perfect for slightly mid century modern inspired interiors.

Clash is one of the stories published in Mix Trends. The latest copy covers trends for Spring Summer 2015/16. Click here for details.


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